The female body cannot exist in its naked form without it being subject to objectification and sexualisation.

When people see the naked female body they cannot understand how it can exist beyond the realms of pornography.

They fail to realise that the naked female body can exist without it serving male sexual interests.

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Text on Gradients 03

Words With Friends, 9/18/2014 4:18pm

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America’s failed foreign policy summarized in 2 pictures.

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David Wojnarowicz wore this jacket in 1988, just 4 years before he’d ultimately die from AIDS. Sadly, just a few years ago some of his artistic work was censored at the Smithsonian. People in power are still content to try and erase his history and the continued struggles of people with AIDS

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John Pfahl - Smoke Series (1988-99)

favorite character meme - [2/5] episodes - Innocence

"She’s stronger than any Slayer you’ve ever faced. Force won’t get it done.You gotta work from the inside. To kill this girl… you have to love her."
Artist: Unknown Dr. Dog
Title: UnknownDie Die Die
Album: Unknown We All Belong
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